23 June 2011

Update from Cork

Just arrived in Cork, after a couple of totally amazing days in Tramore outside Waterford. I will not spill the surprise and say too much, but so far I've tasted Beamish (yummy) and played at my first trad-session :D it was awesome :D
Tomorrow we will be travelling to Cobh, a place which holds a special place in my heart after spending 6 months writing and reading about Irish emigrants. History comes alive!
it will also be interesting to be travelling to Belfast next Friday, since it's pretty tense up there now...
that's all for now....take care

18 June 2011

A little hey from Dublin

Hey guys :)
Sitting at the moment at Kinley hostel, and thinking about what i have experienced today, and what will happen tomorrow. Been to Kilmainham Gaol, which was a pretty emotional experience for me, but also important. Pictures will be posted when I get home.

Tomorrow the plan is to visit Howth (cross my fingers for the weather), have a picnic...and also get some time to smell the flowers (meaning: mum wants to see the botanical garden, and I want to visit Glasnevin Cementary.

It's pretty noisy here, but it only annoys my travelcompany...
I'm having a great time, and cannot wait to explore the southern  and western part of this wonderful country.

16 June 2011

A new adventure and some old updates

It's still early. Sitting on the edge of my bed, trying to realise that today is the day. The day when I will see my true love again; Ireland. The sun is shining outside, and I haven't slept all night...at least not properly. I'm so excited! Feel like a little child again, all my cares have blown away and all that matters is here and now. I will try to post while I'm there, but cannot promise anything...since I will be exploring most of the time...Going Couchsurfing for the first time in my life, and is at this moment crossing all I've got so we get a new host in Galway. I believe things will work out eventually, no need to rush anything or even stress. What a wonderful sensation to just live, here and now

I'm sorry that I have not written much lately, due to my home-exam (which I expect a grade on any minute), Bergen International Festival and my last concerts with Bergen Philharmonic Choir/Orchestra.

I hope I will get a decent grade for this exam (meaning not failing...), but I believe that it would rank as a D or maybe a C...who knows? I wrote about how conflict was portrayed in two literary texts "V" by Tony Harrison and "Blasted" by Sarah Kane. Let us say: what I have learned from this are 2 things
  1. That language and conflict are interacting forces, and that language is a conflict within itself
  2. Many interesting swear-words (picked up an interest in how swearwords are used, what kinds there are, and cultural differences concerning swearing)
I should probably not utter them here, but I've somehow grown fond of this: Cunt
Mostly because it sounds fascinating...yes, I'm weird, but please don't lock me up right away ^^

And last but not least: since I'm moving to Volda in the fall, last weeks concerts marked an end to one adventure and the beginning of a new one. To sing Messa de Requiem by Verdi in the Grieg Hall with almost 180 other singers, a huge and amazing orchestra led by no other than maestro Andrew Litton; a man I respect deeply, was unbelievable! The place was packed, literally, and when the whole thing was over I couldn't stop crying. I was so happy for our success and so sad to leave, that my heart burst. It was the most perfect good-bye-concert I could ever have asked for. I will cherish the memories forever, and hope to be back in time for the 250-years jubilee and celebration of the orchestra in 2014-15.

So that is all for now....*I'm off to see the wizard....no, IRELAND

5 June 2011

A Most Odd Recommendation

All my exams are over, and it will soon be time for summer. This meaning that I'm on the lookout for something to read that doesn't resemble my curriculum at all. Especially nothing from the English literary canon, so I took a trip to the local library, went to the A-shelf, and looked at the back of books. What a way to pick a book. I ended up with a small book, with a pink and green cover, by Guillaume Apollinaire. It looked quite ordinary to say it the least, but when I opened it I was taken aback by its language, its form and its humor. I think I aught to give you its title....

"The Eleven Thousand Rods" - Les Onze Mille Verges

This is erotica...no, it's porn...well, I don't really know what to call it, and very few can actually say something neutral about it.
This brings a question to mind: how many dare to say that they read this sort of literature, who dare to say that "yes, I read pornographic literature" ?
I've come a long way just to admit this fact, but I do this from an artistic point of view. I simply want to know what all the fuzz is about...

Apollinaire has managed to use all the clichés from the sausy novels, lots of humor which challenge your idea of what you can allow yourself to laugh at, and a language which keeps you on the edge of your seat. To sit and read this on the bus was a rather strange experience, almost afraid that someone would have a peek over my shoulder.
i've just read Blasted by Sarah Kane, but this is so much worse in some respects. I don't want to go into any details, but I actually recommend this book. Wow, I never thought I would say something like that....
But it is a book one should read in French (sadly, I cannot...but the Norwegian translation is really good) and it is a book you only read once.