23 December 2012

The day before the day

Once again I've been too busy to write anything wise (nor funny) here. But today, the evening before Christmas Eve, I want to share some of my recent thoughts and lifeexperience.
After a semester filled with sounds, words and new challenges, it was once again time for my exams. Literature went better than expected with some strange analysis of "The Icecastle" by Tarjei Vesaas and a few pages of pure nonsense. This I got a B for.
The other one with morphology, sentencestructure and phonetics went amazingly well concerning the fact that I had struggled so much with it, not understanding a damn thing. Got me a D.

Next thing was the christmasconcert with Hamar Cathedral-choir. Singing both Bach and Vivaldi was a dream coming true for me, and tge concert ended with two traditional christmascarols and lots of praise from the alto soloist.  Æppppppæåææåæææp ææææææææææææææ
Æx             å          xxz

This year Christmas will be spent with my boyfriend's family, first time away from my own family. But will be visiting them on the 27th, my big, noisy family.
So new traditions are being made and the christmasspirit is right around the corner.

Wish you all a very merry Christmas